Movie List for "1997"

La conciergerie (1997) Crime Drama Thriller Movie

Jacques Laniel, a young policeman for whom everything seemed to turn into success, sees is universe falls over when his partner and friend is meanly killed before his very eyes. Year 1997.

Generes: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Michel Poulette
Writer: Benoît Dutrizac, Michel Poulette
Actors: Serge Dupire, Macha Grenon, Jacques Godin

Bouge! (1997) Comedy Drama Music Movie

Alice is born to an unknown father. When her mom reveals to her that he is actually one of the biggest music producers, she decides to leave Marseille for Paris in hopes define him. Year 1997.

Generes: Comedy, Drama, Music
Director: Jérôme Cornuau
Writer: Jérôme Cornuau, Emmanuel List, Guy Zilberstein
Actors: Ambre Boukebza, Patrick Forster-Delmas, Ophélie Winter

Le cousin (1997) Drama Thriller Movie

Nounours is the nickname of a “cousin” an informer with a special arrangement with the police: he gets 10% of the drugs seized thanks to his help. When his personal contact, inspector Maurin, commits suicide, inspector Gérard Delv… Year 1997.

Generes: Drama, Thriller
Director: Alain Corneau
Writer: Michel Alexandre, Alain Corneau
Actors: Patrick Timsit, Alain Chabat, Samuel Le Bihan

Oru Mutham Mani Mutham (1997) Drama Movie

Balachandran, owing to pressure from his family to produce an heir, marries Lekha. However, he later chooses not to have children until two years later, leading to conflict with his family. Year 1997.

Generes: Drama
Director: Sajan
Writer: Unnikrishnan Chozhiyakkodu, Mani Shornnur
Actors: Lalu Alex, Harisree Asokan, Janardanan

100% Arabica (1997) Comedy Music Movie

The movie takes place in a poverty-stricken, rent-controlled neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris. Algerian immigrants, many of whom are in France illegally, the place has earned the nickname of “100%Arabica”. It’s a rough neigh… Year 1997.

Generes: Comedy, Music
Director: Mahmoud Zemmouri
Writer: Marie-Laurence Attias, Mahmoud Zemmouri
Actors: Khaled, Mohamed Khelifati, Mouss Zouheyri

The House (1997) Drama Movie

A ramshackle mansion in the woods: individuals of all type, age and condition eat, roam or rest inside. But always in strict silence. Year 1997.

Generes: Drama
Director: Sharunas Bartas
Writer: Sharunas Bartas, Yekaterina Golubeva
Actors: Francisco Nascimento, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Alex Descas

Love, Math and Sex (1997) Drama Movie

Sabine, an adolescent girl with a gift for mathematics becomes involved with Jiri, a 40-something man-of-the-theatre from Prague. The story of their relationship and the gradual transformation of Sabine’s life as a result of it. Year 1997.

Generes: Drama
Director: Charlotte Silvera
Writer: Jean-Luc Nivaggioni, Charlotte Silvera
Actors: Julie Delarme, Georges Corraface, Marie-Christine Barrault

Le comédien (1997) Comedy Movie

Behind the scenes of the theater, while the last performance has just ended, the comedian returns to his box. Year 1997.

Generes: Comedy
Director: Christian de Chalonge
Writer: Sacha Guitry
Actors: Michel Serrault, Charles Aznavour, Daniel Prévost

Hikers (1997) Comedy Romance Movie

Parisian friends (two brothers and their one-time girl friends) fly to Corsica for a mountain trek guided by the married lover of one of the women. Cora, nearly 30, goes because her psychic says she’ll meet a man with a load on hi… Year 1997.

Generes: Comedy, Romance
Director: Philippe Harel
Writer: Eric Assous, Philippe Harel, Dodine Herry
Actors: Benoît Poelvoorde, Karin Viard, Géraldine Pailhas

Kalyana Kacheri (1997) Comedy Drama Movie

A construction worker, deep in debt, meets a woman while trying to fake a suicide. When there is a raid at the hotel they are in, they pretend to be lovers and invite more trouble. Year 1997.

Generes: Comedy, Drama
Director: Anil Chandra
Writer: Rajan Kiriyath, Vinu Kiriyath
Actors: Mukesh, Shobana, Jagathi Sreekumar

Khamba Thoibi (1997) Drama Movie

N/A Year 1997.

Generes: Drama
Director: Nilamani Singh Moirangthem
Writer: Ibempishak Moirangthem
Actors: Amirkumar Moirangthem, Ashwinikumar Moirangthem, Sarjubala

Abhimanyu (1997) Crime Movie

Abhimanyu is an honest policeman who instils discipline and courage among his team members in order to defeat Masi, an illegal racketeer. But later, he learns that Masi’s wife is his own sister. Year 1997.

Generes: Crime
Director: K. Subash
Writer: K. Subash
Actors: Anandraj, Chandrasekhar, Geetha

Ranger (1997) Classic Movie

N/A Year 1997.

Generes: Classic
Director: K.S. Gopalakrishnan
Writer: K.S. Gopalakrishnan
Actors: Tiger Prabhakar, Devan, Anju