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  • Ullae Veliae (1993) Action Comedy Drama Movie
    Hero is an urban Robin hood, he become good police officer after realizing his mistakes. Year 1993.
    Generes: Action, Comedy, Drama
    Director: Parthiban Radhakrishnan
    Writer: Parthiban Radhakrishnan
    Actors: Sabitha Anand, Aishwariyaa Bhaskaran, Parthiban Radhakrishnan
  • Ek Mati Anek Nati (1968) Classic Movie
    N/A Year 1968.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: Krishna Patil
    Writer: P.B. Patil
    Actors: N/A
  • Aag Ka Dariya (1990) Action Movie
    N/A Year 1990.
    Generes: Action
    Director: S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Avtar Gill, Rajeev Kapoor, Seema Kapoor
  • Lady James Bond (1972) Action Movie
    N/A Year 1972.
    Generes: Action
    Director: N/A
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Jyothi Lakshmi, Ram Krishna Rao, Tyagraj
  • Manchi Kutumbam (1965) Classic Movie
    N/A Year 1965.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: V. Madhusudan Rao
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Sowcar Janaki, Krishna, Akkineni Nageshwara Rao
  • Engal Kula Daivi (1959) Classic Movie
    N/A Year 1959.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: Adurthi Subba Rao
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Savitri, Pandharibai
  • Pudhcha Paool (1986) Classic Movie
    The film is based on domestic violence and harassment of women. Exploitation after marriage and how women should take a stand for their own rights. How she’s mentally and physically harassed by her husband and greedy mother-in-law. Year 1986.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: Rajdutt
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Prashant Damle, Suhasini Deshpande, Meena Dhotikar
  • Koodi Balona (1975) Classic Movie
    N/A Year 1975.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: M.R. Vittal
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Balkrishna, Leelavathi, Vishnuvardhan
  • Aakher Jamle (1952) Classic Movie
    N/A Year 1952.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: Datta Dharmadhikari
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Raja Gosavi, Suryakant
  • Dolna (1990) Drama Musical Movie
    Dola, daughter of rich businessman Ishaque Ahmed, goes to Kathmandu, Nepal with her friends. She falls in love with local guide Sagar, and marries him without her father’s consent. Mr. Ishaque gets angry at this and even insults S… Year 1990.
    Generes: Drama, Musical
    Director: Shibli Sadique
    Writer: Shibli Sadique
    Actors: Alamgir, Rozina, Sultana Zaman
  • Chimukala Pahuna (1967) Classic Movie
    N/A Year 1967.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: Shubha Khote
    Writer: N.G. Karmarkar
    Actors: Shanta Bedekar, Ramesh Deo, Kata Jukar, Shubha Khote
  • Bahu Heba Emiti (1988) Drama Movie
    N/A Year 1988.
    Generes: Drama
    Director: Vijay Bhaskar
    Writer: Vijay Bhaskar (story), Prashant Nanda (dialogue)
    Actors: Debu Bramha, Namrta Das, Anang Dwivedi, Akshaya Mohanty Kashyap
  • Kaurav Pandav (1970) Drama Movie
    N/A Year 1970.
    Generes: Drama
    Director: N/A
    Writer: N/A
    Actors: Sadhana Khote, Arvind Pandya, Prem Sagar, M.B. Shetty
  • Rishi Moolam (1980) Classic Movie
    Shivaji and Vijaya are husband and wife. Vijaya is a woman of principles and holds high moral values. One day, she comes to know that Shivaji is a thief, which is why she parts with him. Year 1980.
    Generes: Classic
    Director: S.P. Muthuraman
    Writer: J. Mahendran
    Actors: Shivaji Ganesan, Aachi Manorama, Suruli Rajan

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