Movie List for "history"

Jumbulingam (1982) Drama History Movie

Jambulingam, a bold and hardworking villager, fights against the atrocities of the village landlord who exploits the villagers by hook or by crook. Year 1982.

Generes: Drama, History
Director: Sasikumar
Writer: Pappanamkodu Lakshmanan
Actors: Mohanlal, Alummoodan, Adoor Bhasi

Jai Maa Karwa Chauth (1994) Drama Fantasy History Movie

Fond of eating, Gauri lives a wealthy lifestyle along with 7 brothers and their respective wives. The entire family pamper and let her have her way. When she informs them that she wants to wed Shankar from Sitapur, they make all a… Year 1994.

Generes: Drama, Fantasy, History
Director: Pradeep Pandit
Writer: Kusum Joshi, Pradeep Pandit, Archana Shyam
Actors: Master Ankit, Banjara, Kishore Bhanushali

Bhagat Gora Kumbhar (1978) Drama History Movie

The trials and tribulations of a saintly clay-potter, Gora, devotee of Bhagwan Shri Vithal who is kicked out of the house by his sister-in-law. He accidentally stomps his only child, Nandlal, to death under his feet. He refuses to be Year 1978.

Generes: Drama, History
Director: Dinesh Rawal
Writer: Vishnu Mehrotra, Ramjibhai Vaniya, Bharat Vyas
Actors: Rajni Bala, Ramesh Mehta, Shrikant Soni

Naulakha Haar (1953) Drama History Movie

Devla is married in a prominent Rajput family located in Mandavgar. Her sister is also married in this family. Their brother, Mahil Rai Podiyal, is bitter about this and plots with Kiriya Rai, which results in Kiriya’s vain attempt t Year 1953.

Generes: Drama, History
Director: Harsukh Jagneshwar Bhatt, Bhalchandra Shukla
Writer: N/A
Actors: Arvind, Ishwarlal, Jeevan

22 June 1897 (1979) Drama History Movie

Three brothers from the Chapekar family plan and neutralize a tyrant British Commissioner on a backdrop of elements like Old Pune, the bubonic plague, the animosity between different castes. Year 1979.

Generes: Drama, History
Director: Jayoo Patwardhan, Nachiket Patwardhan
Writer: Shankar Nag, Nachiket Patwardhan, Vijay Tendulkar
Actors: Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Udayan Dixit, Rod Gilbert

Mahatirtha Kalighat (1976) History Movie

Mahatirtha Kalighat is a devotional and historic representation of the institutionalizing of the Temple of Kalight in West Bengal, for the Mother Goddess Kali. It shows the story of two … Year 1976.

Generes: History
Director: Bhupen Roy
Writer: N/A
Actors: Asitbaran, Krish Bose, Robin Majumdar, Shipra Mitra

Alor Michil (1974) Drama History War Movie

A story of betrayal and love of a family during the dark time of Bangladesh . It’s also a story of love to motherland . Year 1974.

Generes: Drama, History, War
Director: Narayan Ghosh Mita
Writer: Narayan Ghosh Mita, Ismail Mohammad
Actors: Bobita, Farooq, Khalil

Ora 11 Jon (1972) Drama History War Movie

The movie is about the liberation war of Bangladesh at 1971. This historical movie say about the sacrifice people had to do for the freedom of their country. Year 1972.

Generes: Drama, History, War
Director: Chashi Nazrul Islam
Writer: Al Masud, A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman, Kazi Aziz Ahmed
Actors: Khosru, Murad, Nantu

Subhas Chandra (1966) Biography Drama History Movie

This film is based on the life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose from a child to a great patriotic leader. Year 1966.

Generes: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Piyush Bose
Writer: Piyush Bose, Achintya Kumar Sengupta
Actors: Amar Dutta, Samar Chatterjee, Ashish Ghosh

Aakraman (1975) Drama History Romance Movie

Ajay Verma is a major in the Indian army, and is principled, dedicated, and honest. His family has arranged his marriage with beautiful Sheetal, and both are to be married soon. Shortly before their marriage, Pakistan declares war… Year 1975.

Generes: Drama, History, Romance
Director: J. Om Prakash
Writer: Sachin Bhowmick, Ramesh Pant
Actors: Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Rakesh Roshan