Nazrana (1987) Romance Movie

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Movie Summary

Rajat and Mukta meet each other and fall in love. They get married and live in harmony for a few years. Then Mukta starts suspecting that Rajat is having an affair with Sheetal Puri, and then misunderstandings and distrust start, ...

Movie Title Nazrana
Release Year 1987
Movie Rated as N/A
Total Runtime N/A
Movie Language Hindi
Movie Country India

Movie Ratings

Source Ratings
Internet Movie Database6.1/10
IMD Rating 6.1/10
Critics Score N/A%

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Credits & Crew

Generes: Romance
Director: Ravi Tandon
Writer: Vijay Kaul, Achala Nagar, Gulshan Nanda
Actors: Rajesh Khanna, Sridevi, Preeti Sapru

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