The Trolls (2016)

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Movie Summary

A Texas tech start-up breaks every crowdfunding record in the books, but they lose it all when a patent troll shuts them down. Refusing to go down without a fight, our heroes use a legal ...

Movie Title The Trolls
Release Year 2016
Movie Rated as N/A
Total Runtime 97 min
Movie Language English
Movie Country USA

Movie Ratings

Source Ratings
Internet Movie Database6.2/10
IMD Rating 6.2/10
Critics Score N/A%

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Credits & Crew

Generes: Comedy, History, News
Director: Phillip Lybrand
Writer: Pat Dean (screenplay), Lisa Friedrich (screenplay), Rob Gagnon (screenplay), Phillip Lybrand, Katie Pengra (screenplay)
Actors: Rob Gagnon, Lisa Friedrich, Katie Pengra, Pat Dean

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