Peullai, daedi (2006) Drama Movie

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Movie Summary

Jang Ga-Pil is an ordinary middle-aged father. One day, he returns home to learn that his teenage daughter was assaulted by a group of guys at a karaoke bar. He then concocts a plan to stab the boy on his way to school.

Movie Title Peullai, daedi
Release Year 2006
Movie Rated as PG-13
Total Runtime 112 min
Movie Language Korean
Movie Country South Korea

Movie Ratings

Source Ratings
Internet Movie Database6.6/10
IMD Rating 6.6/10
Critics Score N/A%

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Credits & Crew

Generes: Drama
Director: Jong-tae Choi
Writer: Jong-tae Choi, Kazuki Kaneshiro, Jeong-gu Shin
Actors: Lee Joon-Gi, Mun-shik Lee, Heon Jun Nam

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